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Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier for Detecting Clear, Plastic Bottles


Reliable Detection of Transparent Objects, Including Thin-walled Clear, Plastic Bottles


Appearance Connection
Sensing distance Model
NPN output PNP output
(without MSR
function) *1
Pre-wired (2 m) 500 mm (80 mm) *2
(Red light)
E3Z-B61 2M *4 E3Z-B81 2M *4 *5
Connector (M8,
4 pins)
E3Z-B66 E3Z-B86
Pre-wired (2 m) 2 m (500 mm) *2 *3
(Red light)
E3Z-B62 2M *4 *5 E3Z-B82 2M *4 *5
Connector (M8,
4 pins)
E3Z-B67 E3Z-B87
*1. The Reflector is sold separately.
*2. The specified sensing distance is possible when the E39-R1S is used. Values in parentheses indicate the minimum
       required distance between the Sensor and the Reflector.
*3. Install the Sensor so that plastic bottles are at least 500 mm from the Sensor when they pass.
*4. Models with a 0.5-m cable are available. When ordering, specify the cable length by adding the code "0.5M" to the
       model number (e.g., E3Z-B61 0.5M).
*5. M12 Standard Pre-wired Connector Models are also availavble.
       When ordering, add "-M1J 0.3M" to the end of the model number (e.g., E3Z-B62-M1J 0.3M).
       The cable is 0.3 m long.

Accessories (Order Separately)


Type Model Sensing distance (typical) Quantity Remarks
E3Z-B[]1/-B[]6 E3Z-B[]2/-B[]7
Standard E39-R1S 500 mm (80 mm) *
(rated value)
(Red light)
2 m (500 mm) *
(rated value)
(Red light)
1 The E3Z-B is not provided
with a Reflector.
Fog Preventive Coating E39-R1K 1
* Values in parentheses indicate the minimum required distance between the Sensor and Reflector.