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SRT2-ID / OD(-1)

Transistor Remote I/O Terminals

SRT2-ID / OD(-1)

Long-distance Communications Supported by SRT2 Models (Long-distance/High-speed Communications Selection)

I/O classification Internal I/O circuit
I/O points Rated voltage I/O rated voltage Model
Input NPN (+ common) 4 24 VDC 24 VDC SRT2-ID04
PNP (- common) SRT2-ID04-1
Output NPN (- common) SRT2-OD04
PNP (+ common) SRT2-OD04-1
Input NPN (+ common) 8 SRT2-ID08
PNP (- common) SRT2-ID08-1
Output NPN (- common) SRT2-OD08
PNP (+ common) SRT2-OD08-1
Input NPN (+ common) 16 SRT2-ID16
PNP (- common) SRT2-ID16-1
Output NPN (- common) SRT2-OD16
PNP (+ common) SRT2-OD16-1

Note: For more details about connections supported by the Master Unit, refer to Catalog.