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Discontinued On Mar. 2015

V500-R521B2 / C2

Compact Laser Bar Code Reader

V500-R521B2 / C2

A compact design with easy installation and setup. High-speed reading at 500 scans per second.

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Compact Design

At 48 × 38 × 23 mm, the V500-R521 is the smallest class of Laser Bar Code Reader in the Industry. It fits essentially anywhere and is ideal for building into a variety of equipment.

V500-R521B2 / C2 Features 3 V500-R521B2/C2_Features1

Easy Function Setup

Functions can be set either by sending command communications from a personal computer or by reading menu sheets.

Superior Read Performance

High-speed reading at 500 scans per second over a wide working distance from 60 to 270 mm (with a narrow bar width of 1.0 mm).

V500-R521B2 / C2 Features 8 V500-R521B2/C2_Features3

Easy Installation

Just press the TEST Button on the Reader to easily read a bar code. Installation and maintenance work is also reduced.

V500-R521B2 / C2 Features 11 V500-R521B2/C2_Features2