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Discontinued On Mar. 2015

D4GL, D4GL-SK10-LK[]

Guard Lock Safety-door Switch/Slide key

D4GL, D4GL-SK10-LK[]

Vertically Mounting Guard Lock Safety-door Switch Ideal for Limited Installation Space

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Guard Lock Safety-door Switch D4GL

Selectable Operation Key insertion direction.

Slim safety-door switch with an electromagnetic lock or unlock mechanism.

Built-in switches with multiple-contact construction are available.

A key holding force of 1,000 N minimum.

Can be used for either standard loads or microloads.

Lineup includes models with a conduit size of M20.

Variety of Metallic Heads Available.

Slide key D4GL-SK10-LK[]

The D4GL Vertical Electromagnetic Lock and Safety-door Switches easily mount to a 40 × 40-mm aluminum frame section.

The Switches are made of resin so they are suitable for lightweight doors.