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FA Integrated Tool Package CX-One


Intuitive operability will increase programming efficiency from screen data creation to debugging for NS series.

Main Functions

Category Function
Screen 4000 screens max. (Basic screen + popup window)
Sheet Screen to be displayed on the basic screen or popup window.
Number of sheet: 32 max.
Object Fixed Object Rectangle, Circle/Oval, Straight Line, Polyline, Polygon, Sector, Arc
ON/OFF Button, Word Button, Command Button, Bit Lamp, Word Lamp,
Multifunction, Label, Numeral Display & Input
String Display & Input, List Selection, Thumbwheel Switch, Analog Meter,
Level Meter, Broken-line Graph
Bitmap, Video Display, Alarm/event Display, Date, Time, Temporary Input, Data
Log Graph, Data Block Table
Consecutive Line Drawing, Contents Display, Document Display (NS-Runtime
Frame Parts with which page can be switched independently on the screen. Page 1
to 256 can be created and switched.
Table Object that can group multiple functional objects in one table.
(1 to 30 rows x 1 to 40 columns, 256 functional objects max.)
Common Setting Settings commonly made for functional objects.
Alarm/Event setting, Data Log Setting, Broken-line Graph Group Setting, Data
Block Setting, String Table Setting, Password, Unit/Scale, Dialog Setting,
Symbol Table Setting
Macro Function to execute user-defined program.
Edit Group Groups more than one functional or fixed object to create a single object.
Order Brings the currently selected object to the front or back.
Align/Distribute Aligns the currently selected objects. /Distributes the currently selected
objects equidistant.
Make Same Size Aligns the size of currently selected objects.
Nudge Moves the selected object one dot or one grid unit.
Rotate/Flip Rotates the currently selected object. /Flips the currently selected object.
Select (All Objects/
Same Type Objects)
Selects all objects on the screen. /Selects all objects of the same type as
the currently selected object.
Repeat Makes multiple copies of the selected objects.
Edit Properties Displays a list of functional objects on screen to enable changing property
Find Searches for address or character string.
Replace Replaces the specified addresses with other addresses.
Address Cross Reference Finds locations where an address is used and lists the results.
Macro Cross Reference Lists macro locations (functional objects and screens).
Replace Host Replaces the host for all addresses in the project.
Project Workspace Displays screen data and settings in a tree-structured view.
Symbol Table Displays a list of registered symbols. Find or Replace function can be used.
Property List Displays the property of selected object.
Library User-defined objects can be registered as a library object.
Select Object Displays a list of objects on the screen.
Address in Use List Displays a list of the number of times each address is used in functional
objects. It is possible to jump to the selected parts.
Output Window Displays various data such as CX-Designer search, data check, and other
processing results and error details.
Debug Test Function List of address for functional objects on the screen is displayed to change the
values or monitor the values of each address.
Integrated Simulation
for Entire PT-PLC System
CX-Programmer can be debugged on a personal computer together with
screen data on CX-Designer, using CX-Simulator.
Transfer Quick Transfer Only the changed data can be downloaded automatically.
Transfer Uploads screen data from the NS, or downloads the selected project to the NS.
Print Prints the created screen data.
Output type can be selected from Printer/File/Image file.
Others Resource Report Displays a report on the resources that have been used.
Validation Checks all screen data in the project according to validation settings to see if
any mistakes have been made.
Conversion Changes the system version or the model of the NS-series PT of the project
currently being edited.