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Ultra-compact CMOS Smart Laser Sensor


A Ultra-compact CMOS Laser Sensor for Stable Detection without the Influence of Workpiece Color, Material, or Surface Conditions

E3NC-S Features 1


A Compact Body That Delivers Stable Detection Even for Differences in Color, Material, or Surface Conditions

E3NC-S Features 3
E3NC-S Features 4
E3NC-S Features 5

Laser Amplifier Units (CMOS Type)

Consistent Operating Methods for All N-Smart Amplifier Units

Clear, Reliable Confirmation Even from a Distance
Industry First!* White on black display characters for high visibility.

* Based on November 2012 OMRON investigation.

E3NC-S Features 7

[Easy] [Stable]
Stable Detection of Everything But the Background
Tuning without a Workpiece

The background is used as a reference to detect everything but the reference. The surface conditions or inclination of the workpiece do not influence detection, so stable detection is maintained without changing the settings even if the workpiece is changed.

E3NC-S Features 8

Malfunction Prevention for Stray Light
Background Suppression (PAT.P)

E3NC-S Features 9
E3NC-S Features 10

Easy Adjustment after Head Installation
Easy-to-understand Distance Display (*Target)

You can see the distance at a glance, which simplifies adjustment. After Head installation, you can reduce adjustment time after line switchovers and reduce line stoppage time.

E3NC-S Features 11