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Compact Smart Laser Sensor


Long-distance Variable Spot to Match the Application. Stable Detection with Pinpoint 0.1-mm Spot

E3NC-L Features 1

Long Distance, Variable Spot

Flexible Adjustment to the Application with a Variable Sport for Stable Detection from Near or Far

E3NC-L Features 2
E3NC-L Features 3

Minute Spot

Pinpoint Precision for Stable Detection of Minute Workpieces Even at Close Range

E3NC-L Features 4
E3NC-L Features 5

Laser Amplifier Units

Consistent Operating Methods for All N-Smart Amplifier Units

E3NC-L Features 6

Basic Tuning
Two-point Tuning

The larger incident level between measurements with and without a workpiece is set to 9,999.

E3NC-L Features 7


Press 3163_fe_8 once with a workpiece.
Press 3163_fe_8 once without a workpiece.

E3NC-L Features 9

The values are displayed together to immediately show changes in incident levels.

High-precision Positioning
Position Tuning

High-precision, pinpoint workpiece positioning is possible.

E3NC-L Features 10


Press 3163_fe_8 once without a workpiece.
Place workpiece in desired position and press 3163_fe_8 for at least 3 seconds.

High-speed Workpieces
Full Auto Tuning

You can adjust to moving workpieces without stopping the line.

E3NC-L Features 12


Press 3163_fe_8 for at least 7 seconds without a workpiece. When 3163_fe_12, appears on the green digital display, send a workpiece pass the Sensor. Release your finger after the workpiece passes.

E3NC-L Features 14

Easy, Dependable Setup for Detection of Minute Moving Workpieces
Solution Viewer (PAT.P)

The passing time and difference in incident level are displayed when a workpiece passes. The display of the differences in incident level lets you determine if the threshold is the best. The display of the passing time lets you determine if the response time is best so that you can achieve reliable operation.

E3NC-L Features 15