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Incorrect PLC Setting with SYSMAC Support Software

FAQ No. FAQ00077

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What problems will occur if I mistakenly set CQM1 Programmable Controllers as the device type when programming CPM2C Programmable Controllers using the SYSMAC Support Software?


CPM2C memory contains the following:

Input bits: CIO 0 to CIO 9, output bits: CIO 10 to CIO 19, word bits: CIO 20 to CIO 49 and CIO 200 to CIO 227.
Therefore a memory error will occur if a program uses CIO 50 to CIO 199, which do not exist in the CPM2C.
(Programs created using the CX-Programmer FA Integrated Tool Package will check for the useable memory areas. However, the device type is set to CQM1 when using the SYSMAC Support Software, so the check for the usable memory areas, which is normally performed when using CPM2C, will not be performed. Memory areas that are not supported by CPM2C can be inadvertently used for programming and data transfer.)

If a memory error occurs, check the programming to see whether a memory area that is not supported by CPM2C is being used.
(Check for the following: CIO 50 to CIO 199, HR 20 to HR 99, and LR 16 to LR 63, as well as addresses in the TIM, CNT, and DM areas.)
After correcting any errors, transfer the corrected program to the CPU Unit.