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Test Whether Solid-state Relay is Faulty

FAQ No. FAQ02058

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We think a Solid-state Relay (SSR) is faulty. Can a voltage tester be used to check an SSR to see if current is flowing?


No, that is not possible.

The voltage and current in the tester's internal circuits are too low to check the operation of the semiconductor element in the SSR (a triac or thyristor). The SSR can be tested as described below if a load is connected.

Testing Method

Connect a load and power supply, and check the voltage of the load terminals with the input ON and OFF. The output voltage will be close to the load power supply voltage with the SSR turned OFF. The voltage will drop to approximately 1 V with the SSR turned ON. This is more clearly checked if the dummy load is a lamp with an output of about 100 W.

(However, the capacity of the lamp must be within the rated range of the SSR.)