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This section is intended to assist you to make quick and easy search for the appropriate applications for your industrial needs. Simply select the categories of your requirements and our 'Application Selector' will direct you to the applications that you need!

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  Detects Liquid Level of Solder Baths
ZX-EM02H + ZX-EDA Smart Sensor (Inductive Displacement Type)
  Detailed Control of Parts for Mounters
V680 Series RFID System
  Inspects Mixed Bearing (Material and Height Sensing)
E2C-EDA Series High-Resolution Digital Proximity Sensor (Separate Amplifier Type)
  PCB Batch Control
V680 Series RFID System
  Checks the Outer Diameter of Metal Pipes
ZX-LT030 Smart Sensor (Through-beam Laser Type)
  Identifies Package Inserts
ZFX-CD Vision Sensors with Code Reading Function
  Measure the Main Pressure of Air Presses
E8F2 Pressure Sensor
  Inspects a Mark or a Gap of Printing Sheets
E3C-LDA Laser Photoelectric Sensor with Separate Amplifier
  Reticle Control
V640 Series Electromagnetic Inductive RFID System (for Semiconductor Industry)
  Measure Surface Flatness of Battery Caps
ZX-L-N Series Smart Sensor (Laser Displacement Type)
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