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Problem: Managing tools for machining centers, lathes, and hobbing machines on paper, by storage location, or by writing directly on the tools with a marker pen leads to delays and processing errors due to incorrect setting. Associating the information required for tool management (e.g., usage time and tool length) with the actual tools is difficult.

Process the pull-stud or drive-key groove of each tool so that an ID Tag (dimensions: 8 dia. × 5 mm or 12 dia. × 5 mm) can be attached using adhesive, and store tool management information (e.g. tool number, name, usage time, and tool length) in the ID Tags. In addition, store information obtained by the tool presetter (e.g., initial tool length and compensation values) in the ID Tags.
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Tool Management for Machining Centers


The compact ID Tags are small enough to be embedded in pull-studs or driver-key grooves. High environment resistance (resistance to oil, shocks, vibration, and temperatures up to 110°C, 230°F). Communications are possible even when embedded in metal. Intelligent Flags make management easy. (Mounting errors prevented.)


Linking tools with information ensures that setting errors (e.g., incorrect tool selection) are prevented. This eliminates unnecessary losses due, for example, to process errors, material loss, and delays in delivery schedules. Unmanned machining center management is possible using an ATC (Auto Tool Changer). Reliable management of tool service life helps prevent reductions in processing quality due to tool deterioration. Management of compensation values for the tool length ensures accurate setting adjustment after regrinding tools.

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