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The necessary information is dispersed and managed by storing work instructions (quality information, processing instructions, process completion information, substrate information, inspection information, etc.) to an ID Tag attached to the cassette.
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Production Control for LCDs and Color Filters


• RFID allows information to be written that was not possible using barcodes.
• A wide range of ID Tags with excellent environmental resistance (water resistance, chemical resistance, and a long lifetime) are available.


• Compared with production systems using barcodes, there is less data exchanging with the host, so the overall system is simplified.
• Data writing and reading are highly reliable, so there are no more problems such as errors causing the line to be stopped.
• Because RFID uses non-contact communications, there are no particles generated and the production yield is improved.
• There is no need for maintenance, such as re-applying barcode labels, so running costs are reduced.

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