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In the pick and place applications, same positioning operation is repeatedly executed at a high-speed. To handle the operation, pulse-train type position control unit and servo drives/servomotors are selected, though wiring will be increased.

EtherCAT Solution: With the Position Control Unit and Servo Drives with EtherCAT communications, control speed as fast as that of conventional pulse-train type system can be achieved. The devices can be connected with one Ethernet cable.

The Position Control Unit with EtherCAT interface has the memory operation function. It can handle the repeated operation without being affected by the cycle time of the PLC. It also enables startup, movement, and stopping at a high speed, which contributes to reduction of the takt time.
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Pick and Place System via EtherCAT


Position Control Unit and Servo Drives with EtherCAT communications ensures high-speed control from startup to stopping. The positioning time can be shortened, thus improving the productivity of the system. EtherCAT simplifies the wiring in the system, too.


• Reduces cost.
• Reduces design work-hours.

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