Improved Machine Design Increased Machine Productivity

Award Winning Design With
State Of The Art Servo Technology

Designed to meet the demands of today's machine requirements, OMRON 1S Servo technology provides an all-encompassing solution that optimizes machine design, installation, commissioning tasks and post production maintenance. In addition to the traditional motion solution, the 1S Servo comes with high resolution multi-turn encoder without battery backup, safety network built-in, and improved servo loop control allowing for greater accuracy and higher machine productivity.

Simple &
Efficient Wiring
Machine Uptime
High Accuracy &
Product Quality


Cabinet Size Reduction For Greater Space Savings

Great space savings is achieved with our new compact cabinet design, allowing for a small and compact motor to fit in the machine.

  • Servo drive height is consistent throughout whole power range
  • Allows for fitting of a small and compact motor


Increased Labour Productivity Through Simple & Efficient Wiring

Labour productivity is increased through a clean and straightforward wiring approach. Having simple and efficient wiring, the benefits that 1S Servo provides is manifold.

  • Secure & screw-less Push-In connector for control I/O, brake interlock
  • All pluggable connectors for easy pre-wiring and system maintenance
  • Direct wiring of I/O signals
  • Pre-assembled motor cables
  • Embedded relay for direct motor brake control


No Maintenance Required

Greater machine uptime is achieved through non-reliance on batteries and a homing system. Points of failure are eliminated, and no maintenance is needed as a result.

  • No battery
  • No homing system required


Increase In Productivity With High Accuracy Achieved

The 1S Servo is engineered for high accuracy, offering a breakthrough of 125 µs system cycle. Despite the accelerated machine speed, this rapid improvement is secured, keeping the same accuracy.

  • Servo cycle update rate at 125 µs
  • Faster machine speed keeping same accuracy
  • The 23 bit high resolution encoder in combination with the improved loop control provide an accurate following profile


Safety Control via EtherCAT

Ultra fast update times are achieved with the EtherCAT protocol. This allows simplified safety implementation and lowers hardware cost with Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE).

  • Simplified safety installation.
  • Reduction of safety devices.
  • Safety function built-in: Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE) Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Safety approval: EN ISO 13849-1(Cat.3 PLd), EN61508(SIL2), EN62061(SIL2), EN61800-5-2(STO)

Be Totally In Control

One Platform One Software

  • SYSMAC Studio
  • Simplied servo setup. Direct used of servo sizing calculation
  • Open standard programming IEC6113-3
  • Standard PLCopen Function Blocks for Motion and Safety
  • Applications availability in Sysmac Library
    • Application Libraries
    • Optimized Productivity
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Reduce downtime
    • Dedicated Packaging Machine Library (PACKML support)

Save 60% Of Your Precious Time

With OMRON Motor Sizing Tool

OMRON Servo Motor Sizing Tool not only helps you easily select the right servo size, but also allows visualization of your total machine system through a graphic environment.

  • Servo sizing tool for the entire machine.
  • Graphical environment of the kinematic chain.
  • Electronic CAM table import capabilities

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