Manufacturing Efficiency

With increasing complex recipes for packaging, it is essential for manufacturers to have quick changeover while ensuring product quality and keeping production cost low. Having the right technology in place can revolutionise manufacturing efficiency to meet your customer and consumer market demands.

Current Issues with Mechanical Cam

With conventional packaging machines using mechanical cam, operators have to rely on their knowledge and expertise for complex tuning. Furthermore, when the packaging machine is restarted after stoppage, empty packages are produced due to homing adjustment.

As such, using mechanical cam can result in:

  • Limited machine performance, no flexibility
  • Long changeover time
  • High wastage from packaging defects

Drive Manufacturing Efficiency with Electronic Cam

OMRON Packaging Solutions bring you a cost-effective electronic cam system that will significantly improve your machine productivity and quality.

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Using Electronic Cam brings you:

  • Improved productivity
  • Quick changeover with recipe management (HMI)
  • Quality packaging assurance

Improved productivity
& Save Time

As no mechanical tuning is required, it eliminates any adjustment time needed with mechanical cam. This means that there are lesser operator errors and material wastage from trial packages.

As such, it effectively speeds up production time and reduces material cost for manufacturers.

Quick Changeover With
Recipe Management (HMI)

Digitalised by electronic cam, it allows for quick, easy and reliable changeover. Operators can simply register the recipes on the Recipe management tool (HMI) and change the settings accordingly for changeovers.

As less time is needed for changeover, it significantly improves packaging productivity.

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Quality Packaging Assurance

As illustrated in the diagram, good quality packaging means that you are able to achieve:

  • Consistent packaging size
  • Consistent quantity in each pack
  • Perfect sealing
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A poor packaging batch will show inconsistency in weight and sizes, resulting in material wastage and machine downtime.

OMRON Packaging Solutions are designed to help both OEMs and manufacturers achieve:

Assurance to customers for quality packaging

Timeliness in project

Capacity to capitalise on new business opportunities

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