XW5T Terminal Blocks

DIN Track Terminal Blocks

Making Wiring A Breeze

For Panel Builders and Electrical Engineers

Did you know? Wiring takes up majority time in building control panels, impacting production lead time. With conventional screw-type terminal blocks, wiring can be tedious and time-consuming.

Efficient control panel production starts with innovative terminal blocks design solution. Introducing OMRON Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks, boost operational efficiency at work and make wiring a breeze for electrical engineers.

Increase Productivity

With Efficient Wiring

Wiring can be a time consuming process with screw-type wiring. The more time required for wiring, the higher the labour cost.

With OMRON Push-in Plus Terminal blocks, it significantly reduces wiring effort of up to 60%. Electrical engineers can increase their productivity at work with efficient wiring.

Efficient crossover wiring between adjacent contact terminals can be achieved with Short Bars. This not only potentially reduces significant wiring work, it also provides space savings for achieving compact control panels.

Ease Wiring Effort

With Easy Wiring

Wiring can be a tedious process for electrical engineers. With a low insertion force, OMRON Push-in Plus Terminal Blocks simplify and reduce wiring effort with easy connection.

Insertion Force
Earphone Jack Push-In Plus Terminal Block
10N 8N

Reliable and Secure Wiring

With Advanced Wiring Technology

During machine vibration or transportation, wires may loosen and fall out with regular push-in or screw-type terminal blocks.

With a high pull-out force, OMRON robust mechanism design and advanced manufacturing technology ensures a strong and secure wiring connection.

Pull-Out Force
IEC Standard (cable diameter) Push-In Plus Terminal Block Screw Terminal Block
20N min.
(AWG20, 0.5mm)
125N 112N

Space Savings

with Compact Terminal Blocks

Manufacturers are continuously looking to downsize facilities or equipments due to limited factory space or future expansion requirements.

To optimise space usage, our Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks are made compact and slimmer in size, with a minimum width of 3.5mm. This allows considerable space-saving and downsizing of your control panels, while facilitating future expansion plans.

*According to OMRON investigation in March 2017, OMRON has achieved the top class in the industry for downsizing.

XW5T Series Lineup

Discover our extensive product lineup with Push-In Plus Terminals Blocks to help you build control panel efficiently.

  Standard terminals Multi conductor terminals Multi tiers terminals
Appearance and internal wiring 1 tier 1:1 1 tier 1:2 1 tier 2:2 2 tier 1:1
Available wire sizes

1.5, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 mm2
(AWG 14, 12, 10)

Dark gray
Green/Yellow stripes (for ground)
Appearance and internal wiring
Standard terminals 1 tier 1:1
Multi conductor terminals 1 tier 1:2
1 tier 2:2
Multi tiers terminals 2 tier 1:1
Available wire sizes

1.5, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 mm2
(AWG 14, 12, 10)

Dark gray
Green/Yellow stripes (for ground)

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