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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Thumbwheel Switches

With Thumb Rotary Switches, a character dial is turned to switch an actuator and set a value. They are also called digital switches. OMRON provides many models with different sizes and operation methods.

Thumbwheel Switches List

There are 4 products of Thumbwheel Switches.

A7D / A7DP Thumbwheel Switch A7D / A7DP

Ultra-small, Low-cost, Push-operated Switches

A7CN / A7CN-L Thumbwheel Switch A7CN / A7CN-L

A Brand New Lineup of A7C Series Compact Thumbwheel Switches

A7BS / A7BL Thumbwheel Switch A7BS / A7BL

Wide Range of Locking-type Models Available

A7PS / A7PH Thumbwheel Switch A7PS / A7PH

Dust-tight, Easy-to-Use, Push-operated Switches with Large Display Characters