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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Multi-channel Power Controller


Optimum Cycle Control for High-precision Control with Low Noise

Model Number Structure

Model Number Legend

G3ZA Lineup 2

Ordering Information

List of Models

Name Number of control
Heater burnout
Load power
supply voltage
Multi-channel Power Controller 4 Supported 100 to 240 VAC G3ZA-4H203-FLK-UTU
400 to 480 VAC G3ZA-4H403-FLK-UTU
8 Not supported 100 to 240 VAC G3ZA-8A203-FLK-UTU
400 to 480 VAC G3ZA-8A403-FLK-UTU

Note: When using the heater burnout detection function, CTs must be ordered separately.

Accessories (Order Separately)

Name Hole diameter Detection current Model
Current Transformer (CT) 5.8 dia. 0 to 50 A E54-CT1
12.0 dia. 0 to 50 A E54-CT3
30.0 dia. 0 to 150 A G3ZA-CT-150L

Name Model
DIN Track PFP-100N
End Plates (stoppers) PFP-M