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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Transparent Object (PET Bottle) Detection Compact Photoelectric Sensor


Excellent PET Bottle Detection

(Industry Top) P-opaquing and a Coaxial Optical System Eliminate Dependence on the Bottle's Shape, Position, Transparency, and Contents.

P-opaquing: Polarization-opaquing (Patented)

The E3ZM-B more than triples conventional detection performance, with outstanding stability.

E3ZM-B Features 2

(Industry Top) AC3 Function Automatically Compensates Effects of Soiling and Temperature

AC3: Auto Compensation Control for Contamination (Patented)

Parameters require resetting when static electricity causes dust to adhere to the surface of the Sensor or Reflector, or when the light emission power drops due to temperature- or time-related changes.
Original OMRON light emission control technology greatly reduces the resetting work involved.

E3ZM-B Features 4

Teaching with No Workpiece Required -- Quick and Easy Setting

There is no need for delicate sensitivity adjustments.
Simply adjust the optical axes of the Sensor and Reflector, then press the Teaching button twice.
This high-reliability design eliminates worries about variations in the sensitivity settings of different operators.

E3ZM-B Features 5

(Industry Top) IP69K Degree of Protection with an SUS316L Housing

The housing is constructed of corrosion-resistant SUS316L, and the display cover is PES (polyethersulfone) or PEI (polyetherimid).
Both materials are highly resistant to the effects of detergents and disinfectants.
IP69K degree of protection also allows the E3ZM-B to withstand washing with high-temperature, high-pressure water.
This makes the E3ZM-B well suited to use in sites requiring a high level of hygiene.

E3ZM-B Features 6

A Wide Ambient Temperature Range of −40 to 60°C

This wide temperature range meets the needs of the many and diverse applications in the beverage industry.

E3ZM-B Features 7