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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Multifunction Preset Counter


DIN 48 × 48 mm Multifunction Preset Counter with a Bright, Easy-to-view, Negative Transmissive LCD


H7CX-A-N/-AS-N/-AW-N/-AWS-N/-AWD1-N/-AWSD1-N/-A4-N/-A4S-N/-A4W-N/-AU-N/-AUD1-N/-AUSD1-N (Flush Mounting Models)

H7CX-A Dimensions 2

Note: M3.5 terminal screw (effective length: 6 mm)

H7CX-AD-N/-ASD-N/-AWSD-N/-A4D-N/-A4SD-N/-A4WSD-N (Flush Mounting Models)

H7CX-A Dimensions 3

Note: M3.5 terminal screw (effective length: 6 mm)

H7CX-A11-N/-A11S-N/-A11D1-N/-A11SD1-N/-A114-N/-A114S-N/-A114D1-N (Flush Mounting/Surface Mounting Models)

H7CX-A Dimensions 4

Dimensions with Flush Mounting Adapter

(Provided with Adapter and Waterproof Packing)

H7CX-A Dimensions 6

Panel Cutouts

Panel cutouts are as shown below. (according to DIN43700).

H7CX-A Dimensions 7

(Provided with Adapter and Waterproof Packing)

H7CX-A Dimensions 8

Note: 1. The mounting panel thickness should be 1 to 5 mm.
Note: 2. To allow easier operation, it is recommended that Adapters be mounted so that the gap between sides with hooks is at least 15 mm (i.e., with the panel cutouts separated by at least 60 mm).
Note: 3. It is possible to horizontally mount Timers side by side. Attach the Flush Mounting Adapters so that the surfaces without hooks are on the sides of the Timers. If they are mounted side-byside, water-resistance will be lost.

(Adapter and Waterproof Packing Ordered Separately)

H7CX-A Dimensions 10
H7CX-A Dimensions 11

Dimensions with Front Connecting Socket

H7CX-A Dimensions 13

* These dimensions depend on the kind of DIN Track. (Reference value)