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Safety Controller


Easy programming for complex safety control

Safety as standard

Omron has a complete range of safety solutions, from E-stop, door and limit switches to safety sensors and safety mats. The Omron G9SP is part of the most extensive offering in the industry, enabling Omron to supply a full variety of products to a range of applications worldwide.

Because operator safety is paramount in every system, we have invested our expertise in developing a full range of fully-compatible products. Our comprehensive selection of safety products help ensure maximum up-time, minimum interruption, and a fully-protected workplace.

What's more, our global network of offices, worldwide product availability, and unrivalled aftersales support give Omron customers a clear advantage. Help and expert advice on installation, operation and maintenance are always available, wherever you are.

G9SP Features 5

Configurable, flexible, simple: the keys to safety

Every safety system relies on correct set up and the most suitable equipment. The Omron G9SP makes this easier than ever to do. The features of this product range give your new or existing set-up a range of benefits:

Configurations matrix

G9SP Features 7

(1) Safety controller G9SP
(2) Expansion I/O Units
(3) Memory cassette
(4) Ethernet option board
(5) RS-232C option board
(6) Compact non-contact door switch
(7) Safety mats
(8) CJ1/PLC
(9) Relays with forcibly guided contacts
(10) AC Servomotor/Drives G5 series
(11) Configurator
(12) Programmable terminal NB series

G9SP Features 8

With the Omron Configuration Tool, all aspects of input and output to the unit can be defined, simulated, tested and validated with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. If you are building with a make-once/use-many profile, configurations can be copied and applied to all systems. If you are reconfiguring an existing set-up, it's just as simple. When user needs change, it can be adapted quickly and easily to meet those needs.

G9SP Features 9

Unlike hard-wired safety relays, the Omron G9SP can be reconfigured to multiple purposes. Because it is a solid-state, software-driven unit, all aspects of its operation can be reconfigured, with direct connection to non-contact switches or safety mats. Three I/O sizes are available: 20/8, 10/16 and 10/4. Covering the full range of typical small-to-mid sized systems, the Omron G9SP also comes with optional expansion units for standard I/O signals (12/8 and 0/32). Function blocks up to 128pcs complete this fully flexible range, so you can always be sure of a needs-match solution.

G9SP Features 10

Above all, the Omron G9SP range is supplied with simplicity. With the Omron Configuration Tool, you can quickly define all inputs, outputs, scope, testing, simulation, validation and operation of your system. On-screen text and icondriven menus guide the user quickly through all aspects of set-up. Clear alerts and system status give any operator an instant overview at every stage of operation.

Reconfiguration and reusability for real TCO savings

G9SP Features 12

Safety in automotive component manufacture
A change in machine operation can easily be covered by reconfiguring the application program. Certified function blocks for all kinds of safety functions are already on board and ready to use.

G9SP Features 13

Transparent diagnosis
Connection to PC/PLC via Ethernet makes the Omron G9SP fully accessible. Diagnosis,troubleshooting and program modification is simple, thanks to the USB programming interface and removable memory cassette.

G9SP Features 14

Simple unit replacement
Because the Omron G9SP is a software-based controller, replacement is effortless. All settings, parameters and function blocks can be saved on a PC or stored on the Memory Cassette for easy transfer from one unit to another.

Increased flexibility means decreased TCO

Presence detection

Omron has a variety of pressure safety mats in a range of sizes. Useful in any area where personnel may be at risk, mats instantly alert the Omron G9SP, which can immediately sound an alert or close down any dangerous machinery.

Door monitoring

Direct connection of all Omron non-contact door monitoring solutions is supported by the G9SP family for maximum flexibility and minimum effort in setup and maintenance.

G9SP Features 18

Standard I/O
The G9SP family offers a range of easily-connected standard I/O units. This instant interface between safety and standard controls can be used to configure standard control signals into the complete safety configuration. Monitoring is simple too, via standard I/O units or Ethernet/serial boards for advanced monitoring.

G9SP Features 19

Memory cassette for fast, simple ease of use
Designing safety systems is no longer the complex task it used to be. As well as a clear and simple programming interface, the Omron G9SP offers the advantage of memory cassette.
Programs can be quickly modified and restored, with no additional effort.

Configuration made simple

G9SP Features 21

Easy configuration
All safety functions are ready to use in the G9SP. Certified function blocks can be easily selected in the graphical user interface and customized to fit your application.

G9SP Features 22

User-defined function blocks
Approved configuration elements such as a tested door monitoring solution can be easily stored as a user defined function block and re-used in future projects. This minimises the time it takes to create a new system configuration.

G9SP Features 23

All functions can be tested and simulated in the Configuration Tool, so there’s no unnecessary additional workload for the engineer. In addition, on-line diagnosis reduces debug time to a minimum during implementation in the machine control system.

G9SP Features 24

Existing configurations are the basis for new projects. The G9SP Configuration Tool supports re-use of existing and proven know-how in safety control, as well as user-defined function blocks. Which means no more repetition of effort, instead a growing library of safety solutions.