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Precision Thermo-Humidity Logger


Easy temperature and humidity control with an SD Card

Sensor head

Model ZN-THS17-S ZN-THS17C-S * ZN-THS11-S ZN-THS11C-S *

Sensor head: Anchored type

Sensor head: 1.5 m type

* Please choose this form when you buy it with the calibration certificate.


Model ZN-THX11-SA

Calibration service

Subject to calibration Content Model
Sensor head Anchored type Certificate of Calibration, Test Transcript Traceability chart ZN-THS11-CAL
Sensor head 1.5 m type Certificate of Calibration, Test Transcript Traceability chart ZN-THS17-CAL

  • As the sensor head and station are digitally connected, this calibration service is available only for the sensor head.
  • It is necessary to ship the product back to OMRON in Japan.

Accessaories (Order separately)

Item Model
Mounting Magnet * ZN9-EM01-S
DC cable (ZN9-ED01-S comes with ZN-THX11-SA) Straight type ZN9-ED01-S
Right angle type ZN9-ED02-S
AC Adaptor for ZN-[][]X-S
100 to 240 VAC/50 to 60 Hz
Operating temperature range: 0 to 40°C
PSE, CE, UL STD/A-type plug ZN9-ACP01-S

* When the magnet is used, the vibration resistance becomes 55 Hz or less. (Two logger installation screws are attached.)