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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Digital Temperature Controller (Simple Type) (96 × 96 mm)


96 × 96 mm. Large White PV Display That's Easier to Read. Easy to Use, from Model Selection to Setup and Operation. A Complete Range of I/O Capacities, Functions, and Performance. Handles More Applications.

(Unit: mm)



E5AC-800 Dimensions 2

Accessories (Order Separately)

Terminal Covers
E53-COV24 (Three Covers provided.)

E5AC-800 Dimensions 4

Waterproof Packing
Y92S-P10 (for DIN 96 × 96)
(Provided with the Controller.)

E5AC-800 Dimensions 5

The Waterproof Packing is provided with the Temperature Controller.
The degree of protection when the Waterproof Packing is used is IP66.
Also, keep the Port Cover of the E5EC/E5AC-800 securely closed.
To maintain an IP66 degree of protection, the Waterproof Packing and the Port Cover must be periodically replaced because they may deteriorate, shrink, or harden depending on the operating environment.
The replacement period will vary with the operating environment.
Check the required period in the actual application.
Use 3 years or sooner as a guideline.
If a waterproof structure is not required, then the Waterproof Packing does not need to be installed.

Mounting Adapter
Y92F-51 (for DIN 48 × 96)
(Two Adapters provided.)

E5AC-800 Dimensions 6

One pair is provided with the Controller.
Order this Adapter separately if it becomes lost or damaged.

Watertight Cover
Y92A-96N (96 × 96)

E5AC-800 Dimensions 7

Current Transformers


E5AC-800 Dimensions 9


E5AC-800 Dimensions 10


E5AC-800 Dimensions 11

E54-CT3 Accessories

E5AC-800 Dimensions 12


E5AC-800 Dimensions 13

Thru-current (Io) vs. Output Voltage (Eo) (Reference Values)
E54-CT1 or E54-CT1L

E5AC-800 Dimensions 14

Maximum continuous heater current: 50 A (50/60 Hz)
Number of windings: 400±2
Winding resistance: 18±2 Ω

Thru-current (Io) vs. Output Voltage (Eo) (Reference Values)
E54-CT3 or E54-CT3L

Maximum continuous heater current: 120 A (50/60 Hz)
(Maximum continuous heater current for an OMRON Digital Temperature Controller is 50 A.)
Number of windings: 400±2
Winding resistance: 8±0.8 Ω

E5AC-800 Dimensions 15