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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


NX-series NX1P2 CPU Units


Up to eight axes of control via EtherCAT

Advanced motion control and networks for onsite IoT in a Sysmac entry model

NX1P2 Features 1

Advanced motion control

The built-in EtherCAT port and advanced motion control make machines faster and more precise

• EtherCAT simplifies the wiring to up to eight servo systems including for single-axis position control.
• Up to four axes of motion control. Electronic cams and interpolation increase machine speed and precision.


• Linear interpolation and circular interpolation for precise machining and high-speed handling

NX1P2 Features 4

Electronic cam

• Electronic cam enables continuous and high-speed machine operation
• Electronic cam makes it possible to easily change operation timing via a program through computerized cam operation to meet diverse production needs, which is difficult with mechanical cam

NX1P2 Features 5
NX1P2 Features 6

Data transmission delay is compensated to synchronize servomotors.
Synchronized axes provide high-precision positioning.
• EtherCAT enables one cable to connect the NX1P with servo drives, reducing wiring work.

1S AC Servo System

1S AC Servo System
• No battery, no maintenance. No need for homing sequence improving machine uptime
• 23 bit high resolution encoder as standard
• Improved loop control for low overshoot and quick settling time
• Safety function: STO

NX1P2 Features 7

Networks for onsite IoT

IO-Link brings IoT to the sensor level

• EtherCAT connects I/O devices, motion devices, safety controllers, and vision systems with a single cable.
  You can check machine information by monitoring the status of the connected components.
• EtherNet/IP enables communications with a host PC and data links between NJ/NX Controllers and CJ PLCs.
• The NX1P can easily connect to the cloud using the MQTT Communication Library, and data on the manufacturing site
  can be collected securely.

NX1P2 Features 9

Predictive maintenance using IO-Link

You can start predictive maintenance with visualization of the status of a small-sized machine.
IO-Link functionality can be added to existing machines.

NX1P2 Features 10

Product line up

Machine Automation Controller NX-series
NX1P2 CPU Units

NX1P2 Features 12

NX Series

Up to eight NX Units can be connected to an NX1P2 CPU Unit.

NX1P2 Features 13

Automation Software Sysmac Studio

NX1P2 Features 14

The Sysmac Studio is the software that provides an integrated environment for setting, programming, debugging and maintenance of machine automation controllers including the NJ/NX CPU Units, EtherCAT Slave, and the HMI.
• Fully compliant with open standard IEC 61131-3 and Japanese standard JIS B3503
• Supports Ladder, Structured Text and Function Block programming with a rich instruction set
• CAM editor for easy programming of complex motion profiles
• One simulation tool for sequence and motion in a 3D environment
• Advanced security function with 32 digit security password

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