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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


AC Free Input Axial Fans


Reducing required design work through unified power supply voltage

For less design effort

AC Free Input Axial Fans R89-MS

R89F-M Features 2

Note: “AC Free Input Axial Fan” refers to an axial fan which allows multiple input voltage ranging 100 to 240 VAC.

Not affected by changes in voltage so no need to redesign for export

R89F-M Features 3

Also, the service life of the fans themselves increased by twofold*1 or more

R89F-M Features 4

*1. Compared with □120×t38 AC axial fans

No need to connect ground lines

R89F-M Features 5

This Set Model allows you to purchase the necessary parts with a single order.

There’s no need to purchase and manage each parts, and this reduces the hassle of parts management.

R89F-M Features 7

*2. Model differs according to the number of finger guards. Refer to Set Model on Catalog for details.
*3. AC Free Input Axial Fans only