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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Machine Automation Controller


Up to ten EtherNet/IP networks, ideal for large-scale systems

Speed up production improvement

Utilize data to boost yield

NX502-[][][][] Features 3

To increase yield, it is necessary to analyze data (e.g., temperature, pressure, and flow rate) accurately for finding optimal processing conditions and to feed the analysis results back to machines in real time.
Since accurate analysis requires fast and accurate collection of high‐resolution data in chronological order, the amount of data is so large that the data transfer to databases becomes a bottleneck.

NX502-[][][][] Features 4

With approximately four times the data transfer capability of the previous model *1, NX5 can transfer all of the increasing amount of high‐resolution production data to a database at high speeds.
NX5 also ref lects results of database analysis in processing conditions in real time, contributing to defect prevention and yield improvement.
*1. NJ5 Machine Automation Controller

Real-time link between database server and control

database communications

NX502-[][][][] Features 5

Chronological collection of high-resolution data with fast cycle times

NX-HAD High-speed Analog Input Unit Sampling as fast as every 5 μs

NX-HTC Advanced Temperature Control Unit Temperature control with 0.01°C resolution

Reduce equipment cycle time while improving quality

As processing is becoming more and more precise, high‐frequency collection of diverse data is required in order to improve product quality early on while maintaining fast equipment cycle times.
Another challenge is insufficient communication bandwidth when the increasing amount of data is transferred to a PC or other system.

NX502-[][][][] Features 9

NX5 can update command values to send to servomotors and stepper motors as fast as every 250 μs, enabling smooth cam motion, and high‐precision interpolation and phase adjustment between axes.
In addition, NX5 can collect data from all EtherCAT® I/O synchronously with less than 1 μs jitter.
Up to four EtherNet/IP units, whose maximum allowed communications bandwidth per uni t is 40,000 pps, can be mounted to NX5, coping with high‐capacity communications. Fast cycle times can be maintained, and product quality can be improved early.

Collection of all necessary data

10 x 1 Gbps ports for high-speed, high-capacity communications

NX502-[][][][] Features 10

Smooth cam motion and high-precision phase adjustment

Controls 32 axes with cycle time of 250 μs

NX502-[][][][] Features 11

Speed up production line modification to accommodate demand changes

Increase equipment availability through integrated safety

NX502-[][][][] Features 14

Amid technological innovation such as EV and digital devices, manufacturers need to cope with rapid demand changes by building flexible equipment.
They design software, hardware, and networks in a modular manner in order to efficiently change or add production lines and processes, especially large production lines.
However, network power supply for all processes must be turned of f for change or addi tion because safety communications are configured within the same network segment. This affects a wide area, thereby prolonging lead time.

NX502-[][][][] Features 15

NX5 enables you to modularize network configurations including safety as well as software and hardware.
Since a process to change is localized, you can adjust and check only the process without stopping the entire line.
In addition, up to 8 separate networks and 254 safety connections allow a large production line to be flexibly built.
These benef its signif icantly reduce lead time for line changes.

Modular networks

Safety control between machines Up to 10 separate networks

NX502-[][][][] Features 16

Construction of large and flexible production line

High-speed synchronous safety control in machine
254 connections

NX502-[][][][] Features 17

Speed up problem‐solving in machines and production lines

Achieve both rapid commissioning and stable operation

NX502-[][][][] Features 20

Reduction in time required to set up and reliably operate a new machine is always a challenge. It is time- consuming to solve problems that are hard to be reproduced.
Defects and line stoppages during mass production need to be addressed quickly to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

NX502-[][][][] Features 21

NX5 comes with the Automation Playback function as standard, collecting and playing back control behavior data to allow you to quickly identify problems that are hard to be reproduced.
You can reliably use NX5 during mass production because data collection does not affect the control period.
Causes of problems can be quickly analyzed from huge amounts of playback data. This shortens the time required for finding the causes, contributing to increase in machine availability.

Stable operation

Control-first architecture and multi-core MPU

Collection of data required for cause identification

Easy reproduction using variable data and recording data

NX502-[][][][] Features 24

*1. Recording time and quality depend on the specifications of the network camera.

NX502-[][][][] Features 25

Playback data search
Jump to and reproduce time when variable value changed

Output causal search
Visualize cause of outputting variable

NX5 integrates control, information, and safety

NX502-[][][][] Features 26

[Control] Control for fast‐cycle, high‐precision processing

・ Controls 32 axes with cycle time of 250 μs
・ Used motion control servo axes : 256, 128, 64, 32, 16 axes
・ Program capacity : 80 MB
・ Memory capacity for variables : 260 MB*1
*1. Total value of retain attribute memory and no retain attribute memory

[Information] Various networks for diverse information utilization

SQL functionality
・ Reliable, rapid, and easy direct access to databases and utilization of production data

MQTT support
・ Direct connection to cloud for easy, fast, and secure data collection

OPC UA functionality
・ Secure connection to IT systems such as MES and ERP

Expanded EtherNet/IP
・ 10 x 1 Gbps ports for high‐speed, high‐capacity communications (when connecting four NX‐EIP201 units)

[Safety] 2 different open networks ideal for safety control of production lines and machines

Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE)
・ High speed and high reliability with redundancy, suitable for safety control in machine
・ 254 connections for large and flexible production line

Common Industrial Protocol Safety (CIP Safety)
・ High scalability, suitable for safety control across production line
・ Up to 10 separate networks for network modularization