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Proximity Sensor Selection Guide


By Applications

By Product Model


Ferrous metal detection in standard environment

Ferrous metal detection in special environments

Non-ferrous object detection


Ferrous Metal Detection in Standard Environment


Cylindrical Standard: E2E; Cylindrical Long-distance: E2EM; Cylindrical Resin Case: E2F; Square with Thickness: 5.5, 6, 10, 23: TL-W; Square ([]25, 30, 40): TL-N; Compact Cylindrical Small Diameter: E2E; Compact Cylindrical Amplifier Relay: E2EC; Compact Stainless Steel Sensor Surface Amplifier Relay: E2EC-M; Compact Cylindrical Separate Amplfiier 2 dia. - M30: E2C; Compact Square ([]5.5, 8): E2S

High-precision Detection: Cylindrical/Square - E2C-EDA; AC2W: Cylindrical - Standard-E2E, Resin Case-E2F; Square - 25, 30 40 dia.-TL-N




Ferrous Metal Detection in Special Environments


High Temperature (200°C) Separate Amplifier Heat-resistant Cable: E2C-H; High-temeprature (100°C / 120°C) Built-in Amplifier: E2EH; Low-Temperature (-40°C) Cylinder M8 to M30: E2E; Spatter Resistant with Fluororesin Coating: E2EQ; Spatter Resistant with Amplifier Relay's Fluororesin-caoted Stainless Steel Sensor Surface: E2EC-Q; Chemical Resistant (All Stainless Steel Metal Head): E2FM; Chemical Resistant Fluororesin Case: E2FQ; Aluminum Chip: Pulse Response-E2V, Resin Head-E2EZ, All Stainless Steel Metal Head-E2FM; Reinforced Oil Resistant: E2E-X-U




Non-ferrous Object Detection


Non-magnetic metal: Cylindrical and built-in amplifier-E2EY, Cylindrical/square and separate amplifier-E2CY; All metal detection: Cylindrical: Pulse Response-E2V, Built-in Amplifier-E2EV; Square and long distance detection-TL-L