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PLC Software and HMI Software Connection with PLC via USB Port

FAQ No. FAQ00129

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Can Factory Automation System Integrated Tool Package "CX-One CX-Programmer" and Drawing Tool for CX-One NS Series "NS-Designer" be connected with the Programmable Controllers (PLC) by using a USB port built into the personal computer?


Use the D-sub to USB-Serial Conversion Cable "CS1W-CIF31". This cable can connect the Programmable Logic Controller "SYSMAC" and/or the Programmable Terminal "NT/NS Series" with the support software.

Since Windows softwares including the CX-Programmer and the NS-Designer use the Windows COM port which does not depend on its physical configuration: RS-232C or USB port, either connector can be used. However, since the performance of a commercially-available simple USB-RS232C conversion connector for hobby use may not meet the high-speed communication, utilize a USB conversion cable suitable for FA use

* "Windows" is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.