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Using C200H-CT001/002/021

FAQ No. FAQ00856

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When using C200H-CT001-V1/CT002/CT021 High-speed Counter Units, the RUN indicator does not light even when I turn ON power supplies to Programmable Controllers. Is the Unit malfunctioning?


The RUN indicator on High-speed Counter Units lights when count operations begin. The conditions under which count operation will begin depend on the operating mode.

Using C200H-CT001-V1 in Linear Operating Mode

When bit 00 of word n allocated to the High-speed Counter Unit turns ON, the counting operation will begin, and the RUN indicator will light.

n = 100 +10 x Unit number for the C200HX/HG/HE, C200HS, or C200H
n = 2000 + 10 x Unit number for a CS1-series Programmable Controllers