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Counters: Batch Counting

FAQ No. FAQ00914

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What is "Batch counting"?



The batch counting function in the H7BR-B can be used to turn ON the batch output for the preset number of batches.

The following diagram shows an example when using a repetitive operating mode (e.g., C mode) to output a packing signal as the OUT output and pack five items in one packing case.

1. Operation Application Example

To light the indicator when 100 cases have been packed (preset value (5 units) × 100 cases), set the batch counter set value to 100 and start operation. The batch output will turn ON until the target is reached.

2. Reset Method

Turn ON the batch count reset input to reset the batch output and batch count display.

Applicable Models: H7BR-B, H7CX-A4W[], H7CX-AW[]