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Counters: Inrush Current

FAQ No. FAQ00922

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What is the inrush current for Counters?


Using the H7BR, which has a current of approximately 10 VA (for 240 VAC, 50 Hz), as an example, an inrush current of approximately 8 A continues for approximately 2 ms when the power is turned ON.

If the Countera's power supply is turned ON/OFF with a transistor, the inrush current may damage the transistor.

Refer to the following table of inrush currents (reference values).

The blank spaces in the table indicate inrush currents that have been omitted because they are close to the steady-state current.

The values shown in the table are approximate values and should be used for reference only.


Cam Positioners /Multi-Counters

Note: The inrush current time is measured in the wave range shown in the following figure.