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Determine Internal Connections Manually

FAQ No. FAQ02672

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How can I manually determine internal connections between COM terminals for Programmable Controller I/O Unit?


The "number of circuits" given in the I/O Unit specifications is the same as the number of commons. Refer to C200HX/HG/HE Operation Manual and CS1 Series Programmable Controller Operation Manual.

Notation Example

Number of circuit (in specifications)

32 (32 points/common, 1 circuit) to

64 (32 points/common, 2 circuits) to

96 (16 points/common, 6 circuits) to


(32 points/common) x1 circuit (1 common) = 32 points

(32 points/common) x 2 circuits (2 commons) = 64 points

(16 points/common) x 6 circuits (6 commons) = 96 points

For information on specific common terminals wiring and configuration, refer to the terminal connection diagram in the same manuals.