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Cam Positioners

Cam Positioners detect angles of rotation by means of absolute encoders and give output signals according to the preset ON and OFF angles (Cam program).

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Excellent Environmental Resistance

Resolvers boast excellent environmental resistance, particularly against oil, dust, temperature, and shock. They also have an ambient operating temperature range of -10 to 80°C.

Absolute Angle Detection

Resolvers can detect absolute angles and only one Resolver is needed for high-precision at 360 and 720 resolutions.

Shaft-load Tolerance: 196 N, Shaft Diameter: 10 mm (3F88L-RS17/RS17T).

With a radial and thrust shaft-load tolerance of 196 N, Resolvers outclass all other detectors, such as Encoders.

Maximum Cable Length Up to 100 m

Resolver cables can be extended up to 100 m to enable remote operation and control from a location well away from the Resolver.