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lastupdate: 2016/07/19

  • Innovation in Control Panel Building

Control Panel Building that Goes One Step Ahead Bring New Value to Control Panels

OMRON promotes an approach to Control Panels, Processes, and People for control panel building that creates new value in order to achieve control panels that go one step ahead.


Further Evolution for Panels

The Value Design for Panel product group that achieves both compact size and high reliability.
- Unified height reduces dead space and downsize control panels.
- OMRON's unique Push-in Plus Terminal Blocks are used to achieve robust control panels that withstand vibration.


Innovation for Panel Building Process

Manufacturing innovation that greatly reduces work.
- You can download the high-quality electric control CAD library to speed up new design.
- Unified specifications for wiring methods, I/O terminal positions, etc. speed up wiring work too.


Simple & Easy for Panel Business People

Reliable and comfortable manufacturing for all people that deal with control panels.
- Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks for easy wire insertion and firm wire holding ability are used to reduce the time and work involved in wiring.
- OMRON provides support to foster engineers with wide range of resources containing useful knowledge for control panels.


Control Panels: the Heart of the Manufacturing Site
Through approaches such as those above and others, OMRON will continue to achieve a control panel evolution and process innovation.

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  • Innovation in Control Panel Building
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