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lastupdate: 2016/07/19

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Control Panel Basics Brings You the Basic Information on Control Panel Design.

- Control Panel Design To Meet the Changing Market -


Control Panel Basics introduces points to keep in mind for the IEC 60204-1 electrical safety standard and other knowledge needed to solve issues in control panel design in an easy-to-understand way with illustrations and concrete examples.


Many customers have already used Control Panel Basics.

As an Introductory Text for Control Panel Design

  • I could gain new knowledge about UL certification.
  • I could learn about safety concepts.
  • I could learn the basics of control panel design.

As an Opportunity To Learn New Technical Information

  • I could learn about wiring with push-in terminals.
  • I could learn how to save space.
  • I could learn technical requirements that are difficult to investigate on one's own.

Of course, not only design, but also control component selection, international standards, wiring processes, and equipment export information is provided.
Read Control Panel Basics to gain OMRON know-how and information that can help you with quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) for future control panels too.


Control Panel Basics Volume 1


PDF file Download

  • Points on Panel Design for Conformance to IEC60204-1
  • Heat Measures

and more...





Control Panel Basics Volume 2


PDF file Download

  • Measures for Serious Device (Motor) Failures
  • Ideas to Save Space in Control Panels

and more...





Control Panel Basics Volume 3


PDF file Download

  • Types of UL Certification
  • Control Panel Efficiency Starts with the Terminals

and more...



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