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lastupdate: 2016/07/19

  • Thermal Countermeasures

Resolution of Hot Spot

Unified Device Size for Smooth Convection in Control Panels

Control panels hold devices that generate heat, and rising temperature inside the control panel is often an issue.
The inside of the control panel is designed so that air circulates well to release as much heat as possible to the outside, but heat may build up and get trapped.


Hot Spots Are Created Due to Device Size Differences.


The sizes of devices installed in a control panel are not consistent because each device has a different function and products from different manufacturers are used.
Products arranged in the same row often have uneven heights, which may impede convective airflow, and create hot spot.


Wide Range of In-panel Devices with the Unified Size


OMRON offers a wide range of in-panel devices, and we tried to downsize each product individually, which resulted in a lack of consistency in heights and depths.
But even if we made individual devices smaller, in some cases we could not make the overall control panel smaller, and this led to issues where wasted space trapped heat.

OMRON is releasing the Value Design product group that help achieve compact and highly reliable control panels.
Each device in the control panel has been downsized with the unified size.
This improves convective airflow by eliminating wasted space in the control panel and allows the control panel to be designed so that heat does not get trapped inside.


Convective Airflow Simulation in a Control Panel

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