One Machine Controller


  • Fastest system cycle: 125μs
  • Up To 256 synchronized axes
  • Synchronized control of all machine network devices
  • Multi-tasking programs
  • In-line ST, Structure Text and Ladder mixed in the same program
  • Full control of Axes Group Position
  • System Backup and Restore
  • Built-in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP ports
  • CE and cULus global standards

Hardware Design

Architecture based on new Intel® CPU. The most
compact control in its class. Built-in USB port and SD Card slot.

Standard Programming

  ♦   Fully conforms with IEC 61131-3 standards
  ♦   PLCopen Function Blocks for Motion Control

System Robustness

  ♦   One event log for controller, field devices and networks
  ♦   Standard PLC system check: Watch-Dog Timer, memory
       check, network topology check, etc.

Application Libraries

FB library option for packing engineering
(Rotary Knife, Winder/Unwinder, Temperature Control...)

Scalability, Performance, Robustness

♦   Servos
♦   Inverters
♦   Robotics
♦   Vision Systems
♦   Distributed I/O
♦   Integrated Safety
♦   Sensing

Standard Factory Network

♦   Programming CPU
♦   Other machine controllers
♦   IT systems
♦   Standard protocols and services: TCP/IP,
     FTP, NTP, SNMP, CIP protocol
♦   Database connection DB's or Microsoft
     SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL
     and Firebird
♦   Built-in SECS/GEM communications



Machine Automation Controller

Machine performance, scalability, stable operation, and productivity improvement and
quality control using data. Here is a solution to all these requirements.


Machine Control

Ideal for large-scale, fast, and highly accurate
       control with up to 256 axes
Multi motion cycle


Factory Control

Architecture based on Intel® Core TM i7
       processor for fast data processing in
       parallel with machine control

NX7 Specification

Industry's Fastest & Largest In Class

Motion Control
125 μs / 8 axes
Processing Speed
Memory Capacity
Note: Performance comparison with previous OMRON products based on OMRON investigation in March 2015.



New Controllers Ideal for Simple Machines

Fully Compatible with NJ501/301 Machine Automation Controllers, having the same
concept, dimensions, general specifications, and functions.


NJ1 Features & Benefits


Feature   ♦   Conforms IEC 61131-3 standards and JIS B 3503, variable-based
     instructions including the PLCopen® Motion function blocks

♦   Complete and robust machine automation: fast control performance
     and basic functions and reliability of industrial controllers

Benefits   ♦   Easy integration

♦   Advance control with simple programming

Choose Your CPU

Controller Lineup

Series NX701 NJ501 NJ501 Robotics NJ501 DB NJ501 SECS/GEM NJ301 NJ101
Model NX701-1[]00 NJ501-1[]00 NJ501-4[][][][] NJ501-1[]20 NJ501-1340 NJ301-1[]00 NJ101-[]000
Description / Functionality With Sequence And Motion Functionality
Ideal for Large-scale, Fast, and Highly Accurate Control - Robotics Functionality DB Connection Functionality SECS/GEM Functionality - Ideal for Simple Machines
Fastest Cycle Time 0.125ms 0.5ms 1ms
Ethernet/IP Ports 2 x 1Gbps 1 x 100Mbps
EtherCAT Slave 512 192 64
Real Axes Control 256, 128 64, 32, 16 16 8, 4 2, 0
Motion Control Axes groups Interpoloation and single axis moves
Electronice cams and gearboxes
Direct position control for axis and groups
- Up To 8 Delta Robot -
Programming Ladder (within in-line ST), Structured Text, In-line ST
Standard Program IEC 61131-3
PLCopen Function Blocks For Motion Control

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