Increase Machine Efficiency

Current Issue

Slow Machine Speed
Limits Production Capacity

One limiting factor to any production capacity is the operational speed of your machines. One part of the production line that is not performing up to its optimal capability can hinder the entire production process.

When transporting liquid, wait time is needed for the liquid to stabilize before processing. Without the right technology, increasing machine speed will cause liquids to spill over during transportation.

This greatly limits production capacity.

Business Value

Boost Machine Efficiency
With Stable Liquid Transfer

With increasing global competition, having the right technology in place can help packaging manufacturers and OEM revolutionise manufacturing efficiency to meet today’s customer demands.

Increasing the machine speed would shorten current production cycles to meet your customer demands. OMRON Vibration Suppression Technology empowers you to achieve stable liquid movement with no spillage, even when running higher machine speed.

When liquid is transported in open container, the acceleration or deceleration will cause sloshing motion.

OMRON NJ Controller features Function Blocks with Vibration Suppression Technology. This allows the operator to set specific parameters (e.g. distance) for the machine to run at constant velocity. Working in sync with 1S Servo, it ensures smooth and stable movement of the liquid and prevents spillage.

Without OMRON Vibration Suppression Technology

Succcess Story


Yogurt Packaging Made 30% Faster

In our collaboration with French packaging machine manufacturer, we developed a new machine that won the “Most innovative packaging machine” category at 2016 CFIA. Show in Rennes, France.

This achievement was made possible with Omron’s vibration suppression technology - it not only reduces the cost of ownership, but also increases the packaging speed by more than 30%.

Learn How We Achieve It

With OMRON Vibration
Suppression Technology

Without OMRON Vibration
Suppression Technology

Easy & Fast Implementation

Simplify Programming

With built-in Function Blocks (predefined programs) in OMRON Vibration Suppression Technology, you can save significant time and tedious effort from developing a programme to achieve this. Leverage on our expertise to integrate this technology into your packaging line for stable liquid transfer and higher machine efficiency.

Centralised Point of Control

Created to give machine developers complete control from a single environment, OMRON NJ Controller coupled with our robust SYSMAC Studio integrate configuration, programming, simulation, and monitoring in a simple interface. OMRON SYSMAC Studio is an advanced software tool that automates and controls servo systems, motion, and controllers.

One Cohesive & Integrated Solution

Implementing and maintaining a cohesive, integrated solution for the entire packaging line is no small task. The complexity comes from integrating technologies from different vendors into a single cohesive solution. When something goes wrong, It can get complicated, time-consuming and expensive (e.g. production downtime).

OMRON’s single source solution ensures that all components are designed to work together to optimise your packaging line efficiency. Implementation and troubleshooting becomes faster, easier, and hassle-free, with only one contact point for support.

Wish To Boost Liquid Handing Speed With
Zero Spillage, Maximum Productivity? We Can Help.

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