Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

OMRON Redefines Industry Standards with Certified Partner Program (CPP)

Setting a benchmark in the realm of industrial automation, OMRON Corporation proudly declares the ongoing achievement of the OMRON Certified Partner Program (CPP) – a transformative initiative that positions partners as preferred Integrators, upholding OMRON standards of quality service, ethical conduct, and a deep-seated respect for society.

The CPP invites System Integrators, distinguished engineering entities with unparalleled expertise in OMRON Technologies. In a collaborative venture with OMRON, CPP leverage OMRON solutions and technologies to propel innovation in industrial automation solutions, catering to the diverse needs of End Users across crucial markets, including Digital, Food and Commodities, Medical, Pharma, Automotive, and Warehouse Logistics.


Training Excellence and Hands-On Demonstrations:

Integral to the Certified Partner Program is a comprehensive training regimen conducted by OMRON’s seasoned experts. This training equips partners with in-depth knowledge, ensuring proficiency in the latest technologies and methodologies. The program also features hands-on demonstrations, providing practical insights into the seamless integration of OMRON solutions.

What makes OMRON Certified Partners stand out is their commitment to providing global solutions. From the initial stages of design and consultation, through system development, installation, commissioning, and after-sales support, these partners ensure a comprehensive and seamless experience for their clients.

According to Mr. Don Teng, Managing Director, OMRON Asia Pacific Pte Ltd “Launching the Certified Partner Program, OMRON not only pioneers technological advancements but also reinforces our commitment to societal contribution. By fostering a network of Certified Partners dedicated to excellence, ethical conduct, and societal respect, we are not just transforming industrial automation; we are shaping a future where innovation propels businesses forward while contributing positively to the broader fabric of society.”

In tandem with the Omron Automation Centers and the Omron Logistics 4.0 Solution Development Centre, OMRON Certified Partners possess a unique capability – offering Proof of Concept (POC) demonstrations. This empowers businesses to explore and identify the most suitable solutions for their applications, ensuring confidence before deploying automation solutions on their manufacturing shop floors.

“We’re ready to face challenges and explore opportunities together with Omron to drive digital transformation across various industry sectors. This partnership is about collaboration that promotes industry growth and sustainability. We believe, we can create solutions that are not only efficient but also have a positive impact on society with this training.” Said Mr. Yusuf Ricky Carel, CEO, Digital Optima, Indonesia.

Key to the success of OMRON Certified Partners is their adept use of innovative technologies. From mobile and collaborative robots to automation, vision systems, traceability solutions, industrial communications, artificial intelligence, and advanced sensors – these partners are at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge tech into their solutions.

“The decision to participate in the OMRON partner program allows to extend our team’s capabilities and broaden our portfolio. OMRON also ensures that partners have access to its latest innovations, product development tools, and establish connections with its technical team, along with comprehensive training resources. Additionally, partnering with OMRON offers opportunities for collaboration with System Integrator (SI), networking, and fostering business development within the industry ecosystem.” Mr. Yusuf Ricky Carel concluded.

As industries evolve, OMRON’s CPP is poised to shape the future of industrial automation, offering a synergy of expertise, advanced technology, and a commitment to excellence that will propel businesses towards new horizons. This initiative underlines OMRON’s dedication to fostering global innovation, collaboration, and the advancement of industrial automation solutions across diverse sectors.


About OMRON Corporation

OMRON Corporation is a leading automation company centered on its unique “Sensing & Control + Think” technology. increase. Founded in 1933, OMRON now employs approximately 30,000 people worldwide and provides products and services in approximately 120 countries and regions. For more information, please visit

About OMRON Industrial Automation Business

The Industrial Automation business unit of OMRON is a global leader providing complete automation solutions for industrial applications. It brings innovation to manufacturing sites through automation with “Integrated”, “Intelligent” and “Interactive” concepts with one of the world’s most sophisticated and wide product range encompassing panel components, smart sensors, Vision technologies, PLCs, Servos, Drives, Industrial Robots, Mobile Robots & Cobots and Machine safety solutions (ILOR+S) technology.

In APAC, the concept of innovative-Automation has made OMRON create immense value for the manufacturing segment by solving varied issues in multifarious sectors such as automotive, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, digital and logistics to name just a few. It strives to support manufacturing innovation with its unique sensing & control technologies and caters to customers situated in 8 countries in the region via its strong and wide network of offices, application capabilities, service and sales engineers supported by Logistics 4.0 solutions development & automation technology centers (for demos and Proof of Concepts), training centers as well as channel partners to address the ever- challenging requirements. For more information, please visit: OMRON Industrial Automation APAC Website

About PT. Digital Optima Integra

DIGITAL OPTIMA INTEGRA focuses on developing information technology specifically using IT trends as an effective and efficient solution, always giving birth to new innovations in providing added value in the field of information technology management through stages starting from consultation, planning, development, project management, operations, and various after-sales services.