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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Multi-channel Power Controller


Optimum Cycle Control for High-precision Control with Low Noise

• Smaller than a Normal Power Controller.

• Enables low-noise power control in combination with zero-cross SSRs. (See note.)

• One Controller can control up to 8 SSRs.

• RS-485 communications to set manipulated variables and heater burnout detection. The Smart FB Library for the G3ZA can also be used.

• CE Marking

Main Upgraded Functions

• Soft-start function added for lamp heaters.

• Three-phase optimum cycle control added for three-phase heaters.

• Combining with special CT for150-A current detection.

Note: The G3ZA must be used in combination with an SSR without the zero cross function when the soft-start function is

Comparison between the G3ZA and Normal Power Controllers

G3ZA Features 4