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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Transparent Object Detection Photoelectric Sensor


Superb Detection of Many Types of Transparent Objects

Stably Detect Various Types of Transparent Workpieces Easier to Set Up and Use

High detection capabilities for stable detection of a wide range of transparent workpieces in the food and packaging industries, including glass bottles, PET bottles, films, and trays.
You can increase equipment operating rates and reduce commissioning and maintenance work.

Improved Equipment Operating Rates
Prevent Intermittent Line Stoppage and Shorten Cycle Time with High Detection Capabilities

Increase Operating Efficiency for Transparent Bottle Detection

E3S-DB Features 3

This Is How [New technology]

Double-slit Optical Design

E3S-DB Features 5

Increase Operating Efficiency to Detect Loose Shrinkwrapping

E3S-DB Features 6

This Is How

P-opaquing function

This uses double refraction to cut out polarized components with OMRON's unique polarization filter.

E3S-DB Features 8

Shorten Cycle Time for Transparent Bottle Detection

E3S-DB Features 9

This Is How

Narrow beam diameter of minimum 2.5 mm

E3S-DB Features 11

The E3S-DB has a response time of 0.5 ms for a pitch of 5 mm, so detection is possible at a conveyor speed of up to 4 m/s.
(With the E3S-DB[][]2(T) and a sensing distance of 200 mm.)

Reduced Work
Easy Setup and Operation; Reduced Commissioning and Maintenance Work

Large Reductions in Adjustment Time for Sensitivity and Threshold

E3S-DB Features 13

Visualization Reduces Work in Changeovers and Installation

Visible Spot

The visible spot in the Reflector lets you easily adjust the height of the optical axis for detecting different height of workpieces and reduces time required for adjustment.

E3S-DB Features 15

Indicators That Are Easy to See from Any Angle

Large, easy-to-see light and stability indicators let you easily check operation from any angle.

E3S-DB Features 16

High Usability
Reliable Resistance to Water and Detergents, and Ease of Use

Reliable Structure That Resists Water and Detergents

IP69K Water Resistance

Withstands harsh environments with high temperatures and high water pressures.

E3S-DB Features 20

IP69K Degree of Protection

IP69K is defined in DIN 40050 Part 9 of the German standards for protection against high temperatures and high water pressures.

Resistance to Detergents Certified by Ecolab

Third-party certification has been received from the Ecolab company in Europe for applications in water-washed environments.

E3S-DB Features 21

Simple Wiring with Movable Connectors and Cables

Connectors and cables can be rotated and run vertically or horizontally for well organized wiring.

E3S-DB Features 22

Information Printed on Sensor Eliminates the Need for Manuals Onsite

Smart Teaching and wiring information is printed on the Sensor to eliminate the need for manuals onsite.

E3S-DB Features 23