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Repair Service

What We Repair

Our repair services cover a range of products such as PLC, Temperature Controller, Counter, Power Supply, Touch Screen and many more.
Whether your product is under warranty or out-of warranty, our repair experts are trained to take corrective action and provide recommendation to adapt to your individual requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • • Minimize machine downtime
  • • Repair and failure investigation and testing
  • • Quick, reliable and cost efficient
  • • Domestic service center and repair shop
  • • International service hub
  • • Site service and maintenance service available
  • • Repair report
  • • Many more...

To find out more on our repair services and policies, please contact us at the offices located in your country.

Our repair team will help you evaluate your products before performing any repair work so you're guaranteed to repair what is necessary. This will keep costs as low as possible resulting in the best service for the best price.