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Thermal Countermeasures

  • Thermal Countermeasures
Resolution of Hot Spot
Unified Device Size for Smooth Convection in Control Panels Control panels hold devices that generate heat, and rising temperature inside the control panel is often an issue. The inside of the control
  • Thermal Countermeasures
Prior Checks on Risk of Thermal Issues Using Thermal Simulation Tool
You can understand the risk from heat inside a designed control panel by just inputting basic control panel information and information on the selected devices. Importing BOM from the Panel Assist Web
  • Thermal Countermeasures
The Correct Fan Must Be Selected to Prevent Failures of Devices and Parts inside the Panel Caused by Heat.
If the temperature inside the panel increases, the lives of devices and parts inside the panel will be reduced and malfunctions could result. Particularly devices and parts that generate heat are grea