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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

J7TC Series

Thermal overload relay

J7TC Series

Motor Protection from Overload and Phase -loss by Combination with J7KC for up to 2.2 kW (240 VAC) *, 5.5 kW (440 VAC) * Based on JIS C 8201-4-1

New Value For Control Panels

Control Panels: The Heart of Manufacturing Sites.
Evolution in control panels results in large evolution in production facilities.
And if control panel design, control panel manufacturing processes, and human interaction with them are innovated, control panel manufacturing becomes simpler and takes a leap forward.
OMRON will continue to achieve a control panel evolution and process innovation through many undertakings starting with the shared Value Design for Panel *1 concept for the specifications of products used in control panels.

*1 Value Design for Panel

J7TC Series Features 3

Our shared Value Design for Panel (herein after referred to as "Value Design") concept for the specifications of products used in control panels will create new value to our customer’s control panels.
Combining multiple products that share the Value Design concept will further increase the value provided to control panels.

Finally Low Voltage Switching Gears joining into the OMRON’s Panel Solution portfolio

A wide product lineup of Control Panel Solution that cover even motor control contributes to TCO*1 reduction in control panel manufacturing.

J7TC Series Features 5

*1. TCO: Total Cost of Ownership. Total cost from control panel design / production to operation / maintenance.

Main Features of Value Design

J7TC Series Features 6

To further improve control panels with newly added Low Voltage Switch Gears for motor control

Protects loads from burning damage by detecting overload

J7TC Series Features 8


The widths of all series models are unified to 45 mm.
Compactly mountable in a control panel

Conform to Main Safety Standards

J7TC Series Features 10
J7TC Series Features 11

Space-saving design helps downsize control panels.

J7TC Series Features 12

Total solution for motor applications

New lineup of ON/OFF controllable Low Voltage Switching Gears supports total motor application, in addition to inverters and servos

PCB assembly production line

J7TC Series Features 14