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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

J7KCA Series

Auxiliary Relay (Contactor Relay)

J7KCA Series

Same shape as J7KC magnetic contactors Ideal for standardizing panel design

For building green control panels

Natural disasters caused by global warming and climate change are became global social issue, that drives over 150 countries and regions worldwide to take action toward decarbonization.Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions toward half by through new ways of building control panels, that key figure of the manufacturing site.

Integrating green perspectives into Value Design

Value Design for Panel (Value Design) is the common concept shared across OMRON’s in-panel product specifications to deliver new value to your control panels.
This Value Design also integrate environment consideration concept that enable earth and user-friendly control panel building.

J7KCA Series Features 2

To further improve control panels with newly added Low Voltage Switch Gears for motor control

J7KCA Series Features 4

The contactor relay with the same size as the Magnetic Contactor J7KC.
Includes a linked contact mechanism.

Space-saving design helps downsize control panels.

J7KCA Series Features 5

Total solution for motor applications

New lineup of ON/OFF controllable Low Voltage Switching Gears supports total motor application, in addition to inverters and servos

PCB assembly production line

J7KCA Series Features 7