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R87F / R87T

AC Axial Fans

R87F / R87T

Optimum Cooling with a Comprehensive Lineup of Axial Fans

For economy type

AC Axial Fans R87F/R87T R87F Plastic blade type

R87F / R87T Features 2

For environmental resistance

AC Axial Fans R87T Metal blade type

R87F / R87T Features 4

Metal blade models deliver high environmental resistance

R87F / R87T Features 5

For less mounting effort

Box Fan R87B

R87F / R87T Features 7

Just open the cover to replace the filter

R87F / R87T Features 8

This Set Model allows you to purchase Finger guard, M4 screw, and Hexagonal nuts with a single order. [NEW]

R87F / R87T Features 9

Note 1: The set model differs according to Axial Fans. Refer to Set Model on catalog for details.
Note 2: The fan itself is not included in the set model for R87F series.