Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

As a premier industrial automation leader, Omron is here to guide and support you throughout your EV endeavor.

Serving as a steadfast pillar in the electric vehicle manufacturing industry, we have the comprehensive experience needed to provide you with personalized solutions that optimize and automate your processes. At Omron, we are long-time pioneers in automation, and we are proud to provide our customers with both global support and innovative resources.

Targeted Solutions

ADAS, ECU and Electronics

Discover our ideal solutions for automotive parts suppliers looking to enhance their products.

Battery and Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Optimize your production with our modern approach to battery and fuel cell manufacturing.

Electric Vehicle Subassembly

Explore our effective solutions that prioritize flexibility, performance and quality assurance.

Electric Vehicle Final Assembly

See our creative solutions that maximize efficiency without compromising quality.

Uncover the electric vehicle manufacturing process

As you seek to accelerate your EV manufacturing through automation, you need to first develop an intimate understanding of the process. The Omron interactive EV manufacturing e-book explores solutions for:

  • ADAS, ECU and Electronics Manufacturing
  • Battery and Fuel Cell Manufacturing
  • Electric Vehicle Subassembly
  • Electric Vehicle Final Assembly

In a fast-paced, evolving marketplace, having the resources to instill confidence in customers is exactly what Omron does.

Addressing growing demand with an optimized process

Demand for EV batteries is expected to increase exponentially, with Reuters predicting that the global market for these supplies could reach up to $250 billion by 2030. Battery manufacturers are going to be required to immediately address growing demand while prioritizing continued innovation. Omron’s expansive technology portfolio proves that we can support your battery and fuel cell manufacturing processes by:

  • Automating the manufacturing process.
  • Optimizing production.
  • Prioritizing quality assurance every step of the way.

Contact us today, and begin the process of revolutionizing your EV application