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Industrial Automation


Comprehensive solutions for medical industry. Fast, flexible, and tailored to your business.

The Medical and Pharmaceutical industries are among the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Fierce competition, dramatic shifts in demand, and changing regulatory environment pressure companies to develop the capability to respond quickly to new challenges. To face these challenges, flexibility is key.

OMRON is here to help achieve that through our robotic solutions to ensure the highest level of productivity and quality while responding flexibly to the changing demands of the industry.

Robotics Solutions in Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

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Life Sciences Industry Project Book

Case Study

Mobile Robots Contributing Towards Safe Sterilization of Medical Instruments

Medical centre’s typically have a Central Sterilising Department for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising reusable medical instruments. It involves a lot of moving around of instruments, typically manual handling of instrument trolleys. A repetitive task with trolleys that can get really heavy, and hot during sterilisation.

Mobile robots with the capabilities in autonomous navigation, moving through narrow pathways, detecting obstacles, interacting with lifts & machines, and working safely around human.

Automated vehicles support staff by delivering around 100,000 packed hospital instrument trays to the new sterilisers. This helps to reduce staff injury by removing the need for repetitious lifting, after all, people are not made for heavy, dangerous, or repetitive work.

Track and Trace: Coding of Packs and Aggregation of Serialized Packaging Hierarchies

Co-packer Ivers-Lee transformed to ensures a high degree of flexibility in the packaging processes, but also improves quality and minimizes costs. Their IT-architecture was based on the today outdated ISA-95 principles and proved to be a particularly problematic as it required interfaces between the software packages, some of which were manual and complicated.

Full ILO+S solution. NX1 controller, 1S servo drive, MX2 inverter, E3Z laser sensors, V430 barcode readers, SL safety curtains, S8VK power supply

  1. Flexible & Open makes it easy to work with for the end-user
  2. Fast to implement new products
  3. Very low rejection level in the coding

Carton Case Folding & Packing: One Cobot, Two Functions

End-user requested automation of what was perceived a boring job for the operators and move of employee to other more important job, combined with the strategy of the customer to implement more innovative solutions on their site.

Omron cobot and several components as G9SE Safety Relay and S8VK power supply

  1. 2 years ROI
  2. Customer has reallocated 1 FTE