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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

J7KC Series

Magnetic Contactor

J7KC Series

Best Match for upto 2.2 kW (240 VAC) *, 5.5 kW (440 VAC) Motor and Primary Side switches * Based on JIS C 8201-4-1

Model Number Structure

Model Number Legend

Order according to the format described in Ordering Information.

J7KC Series Lineup 2

Ordering Information

Main unit

Product Type Operation Coil rating Auxiliary contact Model
Magnetic contactor AC-operated 24 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC24
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC24
48 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC48
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC48
100 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC100
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC100
110 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC110
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC110
120 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC120
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC120
200 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC200
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC200
220 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC220
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC220
230 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC230
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC230
240 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC240
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC240
380 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC380
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC380
400 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC400
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC400
440 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC440
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC440
500 VAC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 AC500
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 AC500
(With built-in surge
absorption uni)
12 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC12
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC12
24 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC24
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC24
48 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC48
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC48
60 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC60
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC60
100 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC100
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC100
110 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC110
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC110
120 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC120
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC120
200 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC200
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC200
210 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC210
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC210
220 VDC SPST-1NO J7KC-12-10 DC220
SPST-1NC J7KC-12-01 DC220
Reversing magnetic
AC-operated 24 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC24
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC24
48 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC48
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC48
100 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC100
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC100
110 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC110
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC110
120 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC120
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC120
200 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC200
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC200
220 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC220
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC220
230 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC230
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC230
240 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC240
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC240
380 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC380
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC380
400 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC400
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC400
440 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC440
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC440
500 VAC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 AC500
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 AC500
(With built-in surge
absorption unit)
12 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC12
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC12
24 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC24
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC24
48 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC48
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC48
60 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC60
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC60
100 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC100
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC100
110 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC110
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC110
120 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC120
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC120
200 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC200
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC200
210 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC210
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC210
220 VDC SPST-2NO J7KCR-12-10 DC220
SPST-2NC J7KCR-12-01 DC220

Options (Order Separately)

Auxiliary contact unit

Number of poles Auxiliary contact Model
2 poles 2PST-2NO J73KC-AM-20
2PST-1NO 1NC J73KC-AM-11
2PST-2NC J73KC-AM-02
4 poles 4PST-4NO J73KC-AM-40
4PST-3NO 1NC J73KC-AM-31
4PST-2NO 2NC J73KC-AM-22
4PST-1NO 3NC J73KC-AM-13
4PST-4NC J73KC-AM-04

Interlock unit


Reversing conductor kit

Type Model
For main circuit J75KC-WKR-A
For auxiliary circuit J75KC-WKR-B

Coil surge absorption unit

Adopted Coil voltage type LED indicator Model
24-48 VAC No J76KC-RC-1
48-125 VAC J76KC-RC-2
100-250 VAC J76KC-RC-3
24-48 VAC Yes J76KC-RC-N-1
48-125 VAC J76KC-RC-N-2

Insulation stop

Model Minimum order (bag)
J77KC-K 1
(30 pcs./bag)

Tools for removal


DIN Rails (Order Separately)

Mounting Rail


Mounting Rail


End Plate




1. Order the DIN Rails (Order Separately) in units of ten.
2. Rails conform to DIN standards.