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Inspection & Traceability Solution

Vision Systems FH series with NEW High Resolution Touch Panel Monitor FH-TPM

Application Solution


Quality Inspection

In a production plant, various type of caps is used for different recipe, therefore cap inspection is required to ensure correct product is processed


Monitor the date and time code is printed to ensure traceability is made possible

Contamination Inspection

Monitoring seal break to ensure no contamination is occurred

Product Features


IP65 Rate : Dust Prove & Water Resistant

   Ideal for Hygiene-sensitive environment. Eg F&B

High Responsivity

   Cleanroom user is able to operate even with the glove on.

   User can use Touch Pen (Stylus) for precise touch


Easy Integration

   Plug & Play. No driver installation is required

High Resolution

   1024 x 768 in 12.1"

Long Lifespan + Energy Saving

   LED backlight helps to save power and achieve long life span up to 100K hours


Easy Replacement

   Similar cutout size for FZ series
         (FZ series is Omron Vision Controller with built-in Touch Display)

One Software

SYSMAC Studio allows multiple devices to be integrated easily by using EtherCAT connectivity.

Sysmac Studios
version or higher supports
the FH Serie
Machine Automation
Servomotors and
Servo Drives
Vision System

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